Payment Details

Right Now I am offering free lessons. If you would like to support me please feel free to send me money to @Zeke-Kyoku on Venmo.


Lessons are pay what you can or FREE, absolutely FREE

Lessons are generally between 30 minutes and 3 hours, but they average about an hour.

Generally, a lesson includes reviewing what material was practiced, material from the last lesson for comprehension, new material, and material to practice until next week. I really want to make sure we take our time and that the material is understood so that it is applicable to any song or music that the student wants to play.

This also means learning about different areas at the same time. These areas include learning music theory, how to read and play sheet music, something to help technique on your instrument, and playing something by ear/creating something of your own.

Included in the cost of regular lessons is sheet music required, a metronome, a tuner, and my music theory book in .PDF format for you to print out at home.

The goal of a music teacher should be to teach in such a way that they are no longer needed. To that end I aim to teach well rounded, intelligent, and emotionally aware musicians.

I have a Service Agreement which you can feel free to read, print, fill out, and sign. I appreciate having the agreement filled out so it is very clear what the expectations are on both sides.


Sometimes I teach in exchange for goods or other services, so feel free to offer something you value with the same regard you value your lessons. I simply don't know what it takes to perform your service or make your goods, so I trust you to give me a fair exchange.

Pre-COVID-19 ---- In-Person Private Lessons

At just $60 per session, not per hour, my rates are very competitive. Lessons are generally between 30 minutes and 3 hours, but they average about an hour.

If you are getting weekly lessons, as most music students are, then there is a discounted rate:
One person
Second person +50% (ex. $300/month total bill for two children year round)
Third person +50% (ex. $400/month total bill for three children year round)

Currently I offer my books from Amazon. It costs $0, $10, or $25 depending on format.

Sometimes Biweekly lessons work better. In that case we have lessons every two weeks, and it costs half as much.

$100, $150, $200 for 1, 2, and 3 children, respectively.

Cancellations within 48 hours are not refundable. You may request to reschedule at a later date or time within one calendar year.