Orchestral Strings




Pluck and Bow like a Pro!

Violin was actually the first instrument I learned in school. I learned with Suzuki as well as the Essential Elements series initially. I'm happy to teach as a supplement to a school curriculum or a current Suzuki program.

In addition, there is the world of folk, jazz, latin, and classical available as well. I also encourage learning pop melodies since so many have a simple strings section. Feel free to call, text, or email for more information.

Bass is an essential instrument to the orchestra. It's impact can be felt across the room, and even sometimes on the next floor!

This versatile instrument is great for learning great classical works. It's arguably more important though, in jazz and professional recording situations.

Music theory becomes essential with this instrument since every note has such a large implications and impact on the listener.

Bass also happens to be my main instrument, electric and upright.