Hassle-free pick-up and drop-off for your instrument

If you've broken a string and realized that your fingerboard is full of dirt, and your volume knob makes noise when it moves, give me a call.

I'll straighten your neck, clean your electronics, level your frets, polish your frets, oil all the wood, and polish the body. I'll intonate every string so every note rings true. I'll also make sure your strings are low enough to make it easy to play, but not so low it's noisy.

Pricing below.

The Rundown

No Hassle Pick up and Drop off:
I'll stop by your home, and we'll chat about your instrument. You can show me exactly the issues it's having in it's natural habitat for maximum reproduction of the issue.
I generally bring one or two of my guitars with me just for us to compare and talk about preferences more easily. After that I'll take your precious instrument home with me and do everything I can do to it without spending extra money on parts. Within a week I'll drive it right back to your home, let you play it and test it out to give any last minute comments so I can address them on the spot. 
I recommend getting an instrument set up around once a year or so depending on how much the instrument goes out of the house and how much the humidity affects it between seasons.

-$60 Basic Set-up
-$100 Advanced Set-up
-$120 Basic Set-up + Lesson in your home
-$150 Advanced Set-up + Lesson in your home
There is an option to have me bring all my tools to your home and do the complete instrument set-up while walking you through every step. You can take pictures, take notes, and ask questions to your heart's content! By the end of it you will understand how to diagnose and address several issues on your own, which will allow you to fix things before they become a bigger problem.

Included in the basic set-up:
-Neck leveling
-String Changes
-Bridge work

-Pickup work (adjustments)
-Electrical cleanup (addressing any crackling or bad wires)

Advanced Set-up:

-includes all of the above, plus the following
-Fret leveling/polishing

-Nut work
-Fret crowning (leveling/rounding the edges so your hands don't get torn up)
-Electrical work (including soldering)
-Parts replacements (not the cost of the part, just the replacement labor)
-Sanding (if you want to remove the finish from your neck for a warmer, smoother feel)